Zone control with a/c

I have to admit, I am an seriously stingy person.I know, some people would consider that to be a downside characteristic.

I understand where they are coming from, because it’s honestly not fun to be friends with somebody who is seriously upset about finances all the time. It’s a lot more enjoyable to be with somebody who goes with the flow as well as can be excited no matter how much currency they are dropping, however unfortunately, that is not me. I am seriously financially minded, as well as I want to set myself up with a stable future. As such, I pay a lot of attention to things such as my grocery bill, my car expenses, as well as my monthly energy bills. I love to optimize my apartment energy expenditure because it’s 1 of the most significant expenses each month. Recently, I made the mistake of agreeing to work from apartment more often. I thought that this would save myself and others money because I would not be spending so much on gas to commute to the office… However, I didn’t consider how much additional energy I would be using each month by keeping the lights as well as air handling equipment running 24/7, then since my apartment office needs air temperature control, my heating as well as cooling equipment is being used more than ever, and every day, feels love my office heats up to a hundred degrees in the Summer sun. I cannot keep running my central cooling system just to repair this 1 small room, so I’m considering making some major investments. If I upgrade my central cooling system to be zone controlled, I can absolutely shuttle all of the cool air directly to my office space. It should decrease my monthly bills as well as increase the lifespan of my A/C component over time, however now that is an expense I can get behind.

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