take care of the HVAC and clean less

I am a single of those people who has a really partially set routine when it comes to cleaning our home most days.

Each day of the month is assigned for a recognizable volume of work so that I don’t have to spend our rare weekends doing it all at once, at the same time.

I found that if I take a single hour each day when I get to the house from work our lake house stays disinfected and I never recognize feeling overwhelmed by it. My routine lately has been thrown off because all of a sudden I have begun to notice and increase in the amount of dust sitting on the furniture and mold in the bathroom. It seems to me that I now have to disinfect more than I used to and that just doesn’t sincerely work for me. My associate told me that it may actually have to do with the Heating and Air Conditioning idea in our modern home. I told him that I am careful to change the filter every 6 weeks or so, so that didn’t seem right. Although he said that it may be more of an underlying problem with the component itself. He said that it easily could be a sign of a problem within the central control component and I should call our Heating and Air Conditioning company at once to have it took care of, if the Heating and Air Conditioning component isn’t officially running as it should it could interfere with its ability to remove enough moisture from the air or push the air through the air filter respectfully to remove dust and debris. I have taken his wise advice and called to schedule an appointment. I hope it gets fixed, because I am wasting our time and efforts at this point cleaning.


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