The more AC the better

When I was much younger, I can recall thinking that air conditioning was so cool (no pun intended.) Back then, there were a lot of sites, including our house, that didn’t have any air conditioning at all.

This was perfectly well and fine in the Wintertimetime, however when summer season rolled around as well as the weather started heating up, it became torture periodically, however i remember dripping with sweat in front of the fan at night when I was trying to go to get some rest at night. I was always tossing as well as turning in bed, looking for a spot that felt cooler on our pillow as well as then I’d finally just go to bed with no hope of cooling off, and of course, it was even worse during the day when the temperatures got hotter outside. I remember dreading the summer season mostly due to the fact that I felt hot as well as yucky all the time, however now, though, I truly love the summer season. I love going to the beach as well as the pool as well as even being outside periodically. That’s because I recognize that at the end of any of our outdoor summer season sports, there’s always our central air conditioning method waiting for myself and others at home. During the summer season, I love to keep our thermostat set at seventy degrees, no matter what the temperature is outside. I’ve found that if I keep the thermostat at a consistent temperature, our condo ends up staying much cooler than it would otherwise. I also think it helps keep our cooling bills down. I’m so ecstatic that most sites have air conditioning system now. It totally makes summer season more manageable! If you don’t have it, you’re just miserable as well as hot!


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