Very Tired From a Long Week of Playing

I’ve had a long week of having fun and now it is Friday and I am already wiped out for the weekend.

I’m supposed to go to a birthday dinner this evening at a Mexican cafe and then play beach volleyball after but I don’t know if I have the energy to do so.

I had a birthday two days ago and I am still tired from all of the music that we played that night. I may just take it easy today and do nothing at all. I am supposed to go in to work at the local business today and help with the HVAC equipment deliveries coming in. We are supposed to stock the shelves with all of the latest equipment but I don’t know if I will even make it today. My boss at the HVAC company knows my birthday was this past week and knows we celebrated a bit too much, so I don’t think he will mind if I miss work today. It is pretty slow anyways as it is early fall and the weather is very mild and most people aren’t even running their HVAC systems at all. The cold weather will be coming however and people will start calling again for us to service their furnaces and heaters. I do some of the service calls once in a while, which is fine for me because I get to practice my Spanish in people’s homes. I’m pretty good at fixing furnaces and heating systems as I have a lot of years of experience in doing so.



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