Cooling Down the House so We Can all Take a Nap

It’s getting a bit warm in the flat now because the sun is shining in my big window and heating up the floors, which then heats the house up to a balmy 80F, telling me it is time to turn on the air conditioner.

  • I want to cool it down to about 74F and then take an hour nap with the kittens to recharge for tonight.

Today is Friday and there will be a lot of action at the beach and I want to have some energy come later. I usually wake up quite well after an hour nap with the climate control system keeping us all nice and cool on this hot summer day. I think the temp outside today is pushing 100F with the heat index so I don’t plan on going out there to the beach until about 7pm when it cools down a bit. The sun doesn’t set till after 9:30pm so there is ample time to hang out and get some sun. I work tomorrow morning at the HVAC business doing some repairs on HVAC equipment so I can’t stay out too late tonight or I will be dragging tomorrow. I have to work a long day too because the owner is out of town and I am going to basically be running the store all day. I’ll be working there till 8pm and will have to send some HVAC techs out on service calls at some point during the day as some of our customers are having problems with their HVAC systems. What a day it is going to be.

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