The customer passed away in the night and we were all sad

My dad has been in the heating and cooling business for forty years.

I joined the business about 10 years ago, after I was finished with engineering school.

I wanted a degree and I needed to learn more about the business. When my dad retired, I knew that I was going to take over. I started working with my dad as soon as school was finished. I met with all of the commercial clients during the first couple of weeks on the job. My dad introduced me as the vice president of the company and he told everyone that I was going to take over one day. I met with a lot of nice people, including a man named Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown had been a customer of my dad’s for 20 years. The guy owns a grocery store and a pharmacy. He constantly has problems with the heating and cooling system in the building, because the property is 50 years old. I spoke with Mr. Brown at length one day when I was helping with a boiler repair. The guy told me a lot about his life and he shared some stories from his time in the war. I ended up at the property once every other week for a heating or cooling issue and I had a very good relationship with the customer. When he passed away, everyone was sad including myself and my father. The guy suddenly died of a heart attack in the middle of the night. He was only 68 years old at the time and everyone was shocked and saddened when the tragedy occurred.

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