I needed a great gift for my parents’ anniversary

My parents’ anniversary was coming up, and I knew that I needed to find a really great gift for them this year.

  • They have been married for a really long time, and these days, that is a really big accomplishment! Being married is hard! Anyway, they had reached a bit of a milestone anniversary and I wanted to get them something great.

I would have liked to have given them a trip somewhere, but they are both real homebodies so I wasn’t sure that they would have gone. I ended up finding the perfect gift for them, though. I talked to our local heating and cooling company and I surprised them with a brand new, high efficiency furnace and air conditioning system for their house. They have been thinking about getting a new HVAC system for a while now, but they had never really gotten around to it. Not only did I purchase the HVAC system for them, but I also had the HVAC company install a new smart thermostat system for them too. My dad really loves technology and new gadgets, so I knew that he would be all over that smart thermostat! The last thing that I did was have them install a whole home air purification system to run in tandem with the heating and cooling system. My mom thinks that the air purification system is the best thing ever. I think I did the right thing for their gift because they both love it!


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