Six Months Today on My Own

I’ve been on my own now for half a year after breaking up with my girlfriend of five years.

It just wasn’t working out anymore and I just heard that she moved again, which makes seven moves for her in the past six months.

She must not be happy to be moving this much and something must be wrong. I feel bad for her but can’t keep living with her because I feel sorry for her, it was just time to move on. There’s been a lot of loneliness since she moved out but this was expected. My HVAC company keeps me busy during the days with selling HVAC equipment, but the nights can be long and lonely sometimes and I just have to push through them knowing something better is coming around the bend. I like working for the local business because it gets me out of the house and out of my head, which is where all of the problems usually arise. I like doing HVAC service calls in people’s homes too because it keeps me connected with people in my town. I plan on staying with the company for another year and then may branch out on my own and start up my own company again once I feel ready for it. There are a couple other HVAC businesses in this town but they are small outfits and this town could use another HVAC supplier like me who knows a lot about the business from many years of working in it. My dad was also an HVAC tech.


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