I’m so glad that there’s air conditioning just about everywhere now

When I was a kid, I remember thinking that air conditioning was so cool (no pun intended.) Back then, there were a lot of places, including my house, that didn’t have any air conditioning at all.

This was all well and good in the wintertime, but when summer rolled around and the weather started heating up, it became torture sometimes. I remember sweating in front of the fan at night when I was trying to go to sleep. I would toss and turn, looking for a spot that felt cooler on my pillow and then I’d finally just go to sleep with no hope of cooling off. And of course, it was even worse during the day when the temperatures got hotter outside. I remember dreading the summer just because I felt hot and yucky all the time. Now, though, I enjoy summer. I like going to the beach and the pool and even being outside sometimes. That’s because I know that at the end of any of my outdoor summer activities, there’s always my central air conditioning system waiting for me at home. In the summer, I like to keep my thermostat set at seventy degrees, no matter what the temperature is outside. I’ve found that if I keep the thermostat at a steady temperature, my house ends up staying much cooler than it would otherwise. I also feel like it helps keep my cooling bills down. I’m so glad that most places have A/C now. It totally makes summer more manageable. Without it, you’re just miserable and sweaty!


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