I was shocked at my energy bill.

When I bought the new Heating and Air Conditioning system, the Heating and Air Conditioning tech told me it was going to be more efficient in energy use. He said that the first energy bill the people I was with and I gained after a full month of United Statesge of the oil furnace or a/c would be a shock. He was entirely right, but not the way I had expected. I was so shocked when the energy bill came that I almost fainted. My energy bill was nearly one hundred dollars more than I had ever paid. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor and told them my a/c was costing me nearly more than four times more than my old a/c idea worked. The receptionist put me through to the office manager, who told me it was impossible. He couldn’t suppose their machine would up the cost of energy and not lower it. I assured him it had happened that way, and I would gladly show him the bill if he came to pick it up. That morning, a Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman was at the door. He took a picture of the energy bill and took it back to the office. The owner of the contractor came out the next morning and diagnosed the air conditioning and he went over the entire Heating and Air Conditioning system. He scratched his head and said he couldn’t suppose the Heating and Air Conditioning idea could do that. He came into the house and asked me to come out. There was an electrical cord obstructed in out back, and it led across the yard to the neighbor’s house. They were using our electricity to run the air conditioning in the garage, and all of his power tools.



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