The furnace needed to be upgraded.

Last year, our Heating and A/C tech told myself and others I was going to need a new furnace before the following winter.

I spent the entire Wintertide season obsessing over what kind of furnace I wanted.

I went through different websites and poured over different flyers I picked up. I even went to the local house center in search of more information about furnaces. By the time Spring arrived, I was no closer to choosing a furnace that would suit myself and others than I was when I had the furnace inspections done. I called the local Heating and A/C company to have our a/c ran tests on for Spring. By the time they ran tests on the A/C unit, I had already forgotten about the furnace. I spent the entire Summer enjoying our a/c, only giving a small thought to the furnace, once a while. When it came time to have the furnace ran tests on again, I was faced with our decision again. The Heating and A/C professional told myself and others the furnace would not last for the entire Wintertide season. I was faced with a sizable decision whether to trust a Heating and A/C contractor to not overcharge myself and others and supply myself and others some upscale Heating and A/C system I couldn’t afford, or to hastily choose something based on price. My wifey decided for myself and others when she called the Heating and A/C company and asked for a contractor to come over and request a new Heating and A/C system for our home. I wanted to yell at her and ask her what gave her the right to make that decision separate from consulting me. Instead, I thanked her and realized that if I had to decide alone, the people I was with and I would sit house in the dark, cold to death.


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