The air quality at the tea shop is better than at our house

The air quality at our favorite tea shop is even better than the air quality at our house.

  • I believe that’s terrible however that’s just how it is.

I have enjoyed this tea shop ever since it opened. It has the best tea in town, plus it has good bagels and cinnamon chip muffins. I go there at least many times a month during the winter, mainly because they have this good little gas log fireplace in the front corner of the shop and it’s so nice and cozy in there! However, during the summertime, I find myself inside the tea shop even more than during the winter. I believe it’s because the air conditioner plan inside the tea shop is so much better than the 1 at our house. I have been needing to get a modern central air conditioning plan in our home for the past couple of years but I have been putting it off because I just don’t want to have to spend that kind of money, to be honest. I am kind of a cheap person, when it comes right down to it. I can’t help that, though. I was raised to be a thrifty style of lady by our parents, and but I spend money nearly every day on tea at this tea shop, I believe I end up saving in the long run. That’s because I go in there and rest around for minutes at a time drinking our many dollar cup of coffee, however the whole time I am there, I don’t have to use the air conditioner at our house! I very believe the whole thing evens out.


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