I think that at Christmastime, you should have a fireplace in your house

I know this probably sounds silly to some people.

But, I’m of the firm belief that during the holidays, you absolutely should have a fireplace in your house somewhere.

Fireplaces make your house feel warm and cozy and they also give off extra heating throughout your home. I think that a nice fireplace, whether it is a gas fireplace or a wood burning one, can really increase the coziness factor and the ambiance of a home. When you have children, this is especially true since sometimes they think that there has to be a fireplace in the house so Santa can come and visit down the chimney. I don’t usually use our fireplace any other time throughout the year, unless the temperature outside is really cold and our oil furnace happens to be on the blink or something. It’s nice to have an extra heating source in case something like that happens, but thank goodness our oil furnace tends to be very dependable most of the time. We hire our HVAC company to come out and do routine HVAC maintenance and service throughout the year. I think that having your furnace regularly maintained is very important so that you can make sure that your entire heating system is in good working order during the winter when you need it most. Anyway, it’s still nice to have the fireplace just in case something happens and your furnace stops working when the temperatures outside are freezing! Plus, having a fireplace just makes sense if you really want Santa to come down your chimney during the winter.

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