Bridal fitness class was better than I thought

My best friend Megan is getting married and desperately wanted to do a bridal fitness class.

Her original idea was that her and the groom would do a private personal training class.

Just the two of them with a personal trainer up until the wedding was her grand plan. Well her future husband is not a fitness type of guy. He is more of an order pizza and watch netflix guy. Megan was devastated that he wouldn’t take the class with her. She had grand plans of getting super thin and constantly altering her dress to her new body size. I decided to be a good friend and jumped at the chance to do bridal fitness. I also got the other bridesmaids to join in on the fun. The class is actually a huge surprise. We all kind of expected to hate working out once a week. The girls and I planned to barely put in any effort, and then booze after class. The personal trainer is great at motivating us all. He makes everything a competition. We do partner work too and as a pair, we compete with the others. The exercises all focus on different areas of the body. We start doing leg work, move to arms and then finish with brutal ab exercises. Every month the personal trainer has been taking our weight and measurements. I have already lost 10 pounds around my middle. I can’t wait to do another fitting on my bridal dress. I think after the wedding the girls and I are going to continue with the class.

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