When my daughter is sick, it’s hard to keep the temperature at the right levels

My daughter is so hard to please whenever she gets sick.

Normally, she’s a pretty easy-going kid.

She doesn’t usually complain that much, and we usually get along really well. But whenever my daughter isn’t feeling well, she’s a tyrant. She yells about being cold and she tries to get me to turn the heating up on the thermostat system. And sure enough, as soon as I would get the heating up to the temperature that she wanted it, she would start complaining about it being too hot in the house. Once in a while, she would even ask me if we could turn the air conditioning on right in the middle of winter! Of course, that would be just after I had turned the heating on again! Sometimes, I would get her set up in front of the fireplace so she would start heating up and then she would get too hot again. Whenever that would happen, I would just turn the gas fireplace until she started cooling down again. Anyway, whenever my daughter is sick, it’s basically impossible to keep the thermostat set at the right temperature levels. Even though we have a smart thermostat system, it really does us no good since she wants to switch it from heating to cooling so quickly whenever she is sick. It’s really annoying, but of course I don’t want to yell at her about it because I feel bad for her when she doesn’t feel well. I guess it’s okay that she’s annoying about the HVAC system when she’s sick, since normally she’s not that hard to get along with.
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