Going wild this weekend

My partner is going on a tennis trip this long weekend and I couldn’t be more pumped up.

I am going to have the new home to myself for more than three days.

My first plan of attack is I am going to clean everything in the house. My partner’s room is getting cleaned and I am washing his curtains, mirror and fan. I also am going to call for Heating and A/C service. I recognize our partner thinks it is a waste of money. He complains a ton every year when I get a Heating and A/C corporation in the home. I will just wait for him to leave and hide a Heating and A/C tune up under his nose. I like the plan of having the Heating and A/C cleaned over, getting the parts tightened and lubricated and knowing everything is all fresh. At last, I plan to watch films, eat what I want and set the climate control the way I want it. My boyfriend wants to have A/C in the house. He basically wants the thermostat to read 68 degrees and have an overhead fan on. For me, I could go without cooling all summer time long. I hate wearing a jacket inside while both of us were in the summer. I hate that I need an extra sheet on the bed. The moment our boyfriend walks out the door I am turning off the AC. It will be great for our plan to have a break. I will absolutely care about not being cold for once and not having to change our clothes when I am inside our house. I am going to go totally wild by myself. I bet I have more fun than our boyfriend does.


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