Waiting for the HVAC to die

I have been secretly wishing that our Heating and A/C unit will die.

I purchased our house and it came with a central Heating and A/C unit.

The unit is over 15 years old and it takes up a lot of room. The indoor air handler sits in a closet and takes up the whole square footage. I have nowhere to put cleaning gear because it is so large. The outdoor air compressor is tucked away behind the house, but it makes a really loud noise, and a high pitched screech happens once a afternoon and it is our Heating and A/C unit. I recognize a loud screech isn’t a great sound. I have tried to get a Heating and A/C corporation to repair it, but the guy said it was a manufacturer error. He said even if he changed all the inner workings in our equipment, the unit would still make a sound. He recommended waiting until it died and just buying brand new. I read that our plan could last 20-22 years though. I don’t want to wait almost 5 years with a loud screeching sound and no storage. I haven’t been treating our Heating and A/C well. I don’t change the air filter that much, call for Heating and A/C repair or even get HVAC duct cleaning. I am hoping it dies fairly quick and then I am going to choose a ductless occasion for our home. I want the indoor air handlers on the wall and out of the way. I want the ability to have Heating and A/C zone control. I want to have a quiet in operation plan and our closet to store our cleaning stuff.

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