Why would you jeopardize a business over HVAC

I have a buddy who can be the most stubborn of individuals. He is just a genius when it comes to creativity but can also be so stubborn. Once he feels certain of something, there really is no other answer for him and he tunes out all other information. The man is one of the finest chefs I have ever had the great fortune to know. His inventiveness has set him apart from all the other places that I can think of. My business is directly related to the Food & Beverage industry so I have some perspective when it comes to chefs. Yet, this guy is about to let what should be a long lasting and thriving business go down the tubes over something as simple as HVAC. That just makes no sense to me. The restaurant that he opened last year is in a building that has a very antiquated HVAC system. My friend the chef was so creative in making that space a first class restaurant that I can’t understand his thinking about the HVAC situation. It’s just the worst. There is no consistently comfortable area in the entire space. Too close to the kitchen and you’re sweating. Anywhere else and it’s cold because the HVAC is working overtime to compensate. I am watching patrons shake their head and not return even though they rave about the food. It wouldn’t take much to upgrade the HVAC but, my friend just won’t do it because an HVAC problem doesn’t exist to him. Unfortunately, his orneriness is going to cost him a business and it should never have come to that.


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