We are happy that we chose the ductless mini split.

I couldn’t believe that the old victorian style house that my husband had inherited was in such good condition.

Of course, his grandmother had lived in it and his family wouldn’t let his grandmother live in a slum, but, the house was so old, and it was still really sturdy.

It was a charming house, rather large, with large windows and high ceilings. It had all it’s major appliances and was really move-in ready. Except for a big problem. One thing that it didn’t have was central heat and air conditioning. There wasn’t even ductwork. My husband’s grandmother had used unsightly window air conditioners in the rooms she used. We were more mobile than my husband’s grandmother and expected to use more of the house and window air conditioners just wasn’t going to cut it for my busy family. So, we did a little research and decided to invest in ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating systems. We live in the south and don’t need a really powerful heater because our winters are short and mild. The ductless mini-splits were sufficient to heat this old house in the winter. Ductless mini-splits are zone controlled and we can turn them off in rooms we do not use. They are easy to maintain; simply clean the filters once a month. They easily blend into almost any decor and you really don’t notice them. Before long, the window air conditioners were gone and we were enjoying the comfort of the ductless mini split air conditioning and heating systems, knowing that we had made the right decision.


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