There is no television without cable

My friends and I grew up in a very rural part of Florida. We lived our lives an Alfalfa farm and a Peanut farm. I don’t think I ever really saw traffic until I went to university in Tampa Bay. I was so thrilled to find out that all three of us were accepted at the same university. One of the rules of the university is that you must live in the dorms in your first year. My friends and I were so excited that when our second year started, we were able to get an apartment of our own. It didn’t take long before we realized that apartments were really expensive, even on on campus, in the Tampa Bay area. I ended up taking a couple extra shifts at the diner so I could handle my part of the rent. We didn’t have television or internet. It wasn’t just the cost of cable, but there are so many internet providers in the Tampa Bay area, that we were totally lost. They have four major cable carriers and more than that in small companies. We thought that Comcast, DirectTV, Dish, or Bright House would be fairly inexpensive since we now lived in Tampa Bay. We wound up paying over $150 a month for basic cable and internet and we don’t even get any premium channels. I never would have believed how much it could cost to live in Tampa Bay area. I have already decided that once I graduate, I will be moving back home. I may not have all of the nightlife that goes with the city, but I know that it isn’t going to cost me a fortune to live there.

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