Western Pinellas county is where you’ll find Indian Rocks Beach

Everyone who lives in Florida knows of some American Indian legend that is associated with their area.

One of my favorite places to visit is located in the western part of Pinellas county.

PInellas county is the home of Indian Rocks Beach, which is my favorite place to visit in all of Florida. There are legends that abound in this area. One particular legend says that Native American Indians would go to the beach and use the rocks in medicinal and religious ceremonies. The Spring that is circled by rocks became a popular destination for hundreds of years, but the settlers came. The settler had the notion that the water had healing powers that rivalled and even surpassed that of medicines of their western home. The medicine man would use the Sulphur Springs water to heal the sick and the elderly. To this day, the Springs are a main attraction and the beach is the home of a historical museum. Ancient artifacts, educational pamphlets and information about Florida settlers, is housed in that museum. My favorite thing to visit while at Indian Rocks is the nature preserve. Natural wildlife can be seen walking through the area. There is also an educational exhibit in the nature preserve, along with walking trails and a boardwalk along the water. They even have a pet park for the tourists. They recently put in a waterpark that is said to have been fashioned to resemble Key West. Splash Harbour has become the number water park to go to, in this area, all year round.

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