New HVAC restriction bothers my neighbor tremendously

It seems like I get hit all the time with plenty of crazy. And that is undoubtedly different considering how run of the mill balance I am. My default personality is one of perfect calm, considered and acceptable behavior. So, why are there all kinds of crazy people in my life? My father in law is so nuts that I am positive that he must be the most irritated guy in the world. I hide in my independently Heating & Air Conditioning appliance controlled house office whenever he comes to the dwelling. I just can’t handle him in the least. My poor husband, I just don’t really know how he does it. But, it doesn’t even stop there. A neighbor straight down the street could be my father in law’s twin. This guy is one of those people that believes just about every far fetched conspiracy there is out there. He is willing to blame pretty much everyone for his implosion of a life. That would be wonderful if the man could simply keep all that crazy to himself. Oh no, he lays in wait for me to step out in the yard and then he tries to get my attention. His latest rant is over the fact that the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance refrigerant used in his system is now banned in the US. Of course, this particular phase out has been in the works for about a decade and every homeowner was aware of it if they had a visit from the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance tech in the last few years. Nope, this guy is absolutely certain that this is another liberal crooked plot designed recognizably to mess up his life. I need to start acting like most of the other neighbors and just go back inside when he starts walking toward our dwelling. You honestly can’t fight crazy but you sure can avoid it.

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