Complained a lot about furnace not working, only to realize I never turned it on

I really disliked my furnace.

Really, really disliked it.

The darn thing never worked and I was stuck in the winter months being a frozen human popsicle. At this point, I had just learned to deal with it and move on. I was greatly in debt and really couldn’t afford a new one. My boyfriend, who was a heating and cooling tech, moved in with me. After a few months of listening to my constant complaining about the good for nothing furnace. He decided he would take a look at it himself. I told him multiple times that he was just wasting his time. That the heating unit was a good for nothing waste of space, that it would never worked and that I have tried multiple times to get it to work with no results. I gave him an earful, but yet he proceeded to look over it while I told him he was wasting his time. Suddenly I heard a click and warm heat began to pour out of the furnace system. I stood there with my mouth open, and asked how he did that? He informed me that I had to turn the heating unit on in order for it to work. I felt my face turn a bright shade of red, but he just laughed. Now I feel incredibly stupid, I complained for all of these years about the heater not working only to find out that I was too stupid to figure out that I never turned it on to begin with. I guess I should have known that it wouldn’t automatically turn itself on when winter came and off when it passed. I’m never mentioning this to my friends or family.



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