I’m jealous of the new HVAC system my brother got for his wife

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m having a jealousy problem with my brother’s wife.

See, last winter, they decided that they were going to have to install a new HVAC unit in their house this year. I kind of forgot about the whole thing until I pulled up in their driveway last week and saw our local heating and cooling company’s truck parked in front of their house. The HVAC technicians were working hard hauling a giant new high efficiency heating and air conditioning system out of the back of the truck. Not only that, but they were also putting in some new ventilation systems and air ducts. Plus, they installed a whole home air purification system and a brand new set of gas logs! I couldn’t believe the major HVAC overhaul that my brother was purchasing for himself and his wife. He told me that he just couldn’t stand the thought of his little wife getting cold and being uncomfortable in their house. He said that with their new HVAC system, he knew that she would be cozy and warm all the time, even when he was going to be away on a business trip. I mean, that’s sweet and everything, but my brother had to have spent a small fortune on all of this new HVAC equipment for his house! I have to admit that I’m jealous of my sister in law. When am I ever going to find a man who does that kind of thing for me? I guess that’s the real problem that I’m having!


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