Lawnmower failed while trying to earn money

While he brought the lawnmower, they invited me inside their house

I had just quit my part-time job, which meant I had a lot of free time that I didn’t know what to do with. I still wanted to make money on the side, but I was tired of doing the same thing over and over again and I needed something different. My community’s had a notice board for things such as lost pets, help wanted and jobs, so I went ahead and took a look. Someone was paying $75 to mow the lawn, and it wasn’t even that big! That was an excellent price, so I quickly called them before anyone else had the opportunity to snatch that up. The person was polite and informed me that I would have to mow their lawn today for the $75. I accepted the offer, and took out my old beat up lawnmower. My yard is so small, it rarely needed to be mowed so I almost never used my actual lawnmower. I took it over to their house and begin mowing away, I was about halfway done when the darn thing stopped working. Luckily the guy was nice enough to let me use his lawnmower while mine was broken. While he brought the lawnmower, they invited me inside their house. Their house felt great inside, it had a wonderful cooling breeze and I didn’t realize how hot I was until I was inside their house. I stood right next to their air conditioner and tried not to make it noticeable that I was thoroughly enjoying the cooling system. Unfortunately, my time with the AC system was short, and then I had to go back outside to mow the lawn.


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