When my kids got older, I made sure to put a lock box on my new temperature control unit

It’s outrageous that our guys will continue to bend this rule

Our two guys might both be under four years old, however the oldest is getting greater and more able to be making mistakes and cutting priceless items in the house. Both of us lost a high-priced mirror after he started throwing a football in the dining room one day while our wifey and I were tied up cooking in the study. It’s frustrating because nothing will happen for hours while we’re watching the kids; however, as soon as both of us both turn our backs, one of them begins to start causing problems. It’s not consistently harmless either. I get particularly furious if one of our children is teasing or bullying another. Being a little sibling in a family of multiple boys was rough on my mental health, so I do not put up with it as a parent when I see it happening with our own kids. Other times they’re leaving on lights, electronics, cleaning devices. Lately I’ve had nothing but frustration over our little guys increasing the Heating and Air Conditioning temperature control even when I forbid them. After grounding all of them at least four times over the issue, I had to put a lock box on our temperature control and just control it with our or our wifey’s iphone. It’s outrageous that our guys will continue to bend this rule. I won’t put up with losing our whole cooling system just a year after the 15-year manufacturer warranty goes bad because our guys were running the cooling idea while they are alone in the house, once they can prove to us that they will respect our decisions regarding the Heating and Air Conditioning system, I will take down the garish looking, plastic lock box from the smart temperature control.

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