Regular lake house cleaning will keep your A/C system functioning longer

I had to get better about cleaning when I finished school and rented a studio house of our own.

You can’t expect ladies to stick around if you live like a slob and they see it upon staying with you at your apartment.

Tidying and keeping a living space clean is just half of the battle. There are so numerous other chores and facets of lake house service that go far beyond that. I never realized how much dust I was neglecting in our house until I bought an extension corded wand duster from the store and used it on fan blades, walls, ceilings, under furniture and electronics, and any surfaces that aren’t completely sanitized and cleaned. I was ashamed on the one hand because of the ample amount of dirt and dust I collected that day, but I was also pleased with myself for taking the initiative to do something that was essential but I was neglecting. Aside from keeping dust out of your lungs because it’s not capable of flaking off and getting into the ambient air around you at your desk or while you sleep, this level of cleaning also ensures that dust stays out of your cooling system filter, thus ensuring it lasts longer and clog much slower than it would if you weren’t cleaning your home. These are all good reasons to be a tidier person, even if you’re not trying to impress a potential partner like I was for so numerous years. And when you develop healthy and clean habits, you can settle into fantastic behaviors for the rest of your natural life.

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