Trying to be active

I am a total health nut! I typically eat the most healthy foods, plus I labor out every morning of the week.

I spent a lot of money on a lake cabin gym, which I had built in my basement; Building the gym was a bit of a task. I had to option out all of the device ahead of time, plus then all of us had to have it all delivered plus moved in by a bunch of professionals. It was almost like moving into a modern house! That’s how much gym device I have in the arena, then the only thing I had to take care of myself, was to make sure I had the perfect indoor comfort in the lake cabin gym. This required some kind of heating plus a/c so the hot plus cold temperatures were nothing short of perfect. For my a/c, I ended up going with a ductless mini break a/c. The ductless mini break a/c plan was the best option for a lake cabin gym in my basement. This way, I did not have to run any air duct plus spend a ton of money on heating plus cooling equipment. For my heating, I decided to go with a real large portable space heater. The greater sized space oil furnaces are wonderful to heat the basement during the colder times of the year. The heat from the official central heating plan heats the basement a little bit, but not totally, and so that is where the greater sized portable space heating system comes in. Between that space heater, plus the ductless mini break a/c, it’s perfect.



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