Sliding glass door to nowhere

My house I guess is around three stories.

There are two floors of living space but there is a basement.

That means my home sits extremely high up in the air. The previous homeowner put in a sliding glass door that overlooks the back of the property. The doro goes nowhere however. The drop has to be around 10 feet. It is kind of convenient when I do projects. I can toss old drywall, debris and my tools right out the door and they are in the backyard. I worry about my future kids someday. We have a door that leads to a death drop. That can’t be safe. I also would like to have an outdoor seating area. I have looked and figured out that a deck would be the best thing. The outdoor deck could connect to that sliding glass door and wrap around the side of the house. It then would connect to our porch. The deck would have two access points and be huge with this plan. I am not a skilled deck builder however. The deck installation would be extremely rough too. I don’t know how to make supportive pillars for a deck ten feet in the area. I also don’t know what material would hold up against northern winters due to cold and how heavy snow is. I have been consulting with a roofing and deck building company. They are willing to do deck installation this summer for a good price. I am really excited to have a functional space added to my property.



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