Running the HVAC office

I got injured on the job a few months ago, and it was the stupidest thing.

Gary and I were on the roof of the shopping mall looking at the air ducts.

There were thousands of feet worth of them, so this was an all-day job. At one point I walked back toward the work truck, andI got distracted by a flock of birds landing on the corner of the roof. I just looked at them for a second, and then tripped over one of those air ducts and fell off the side of the roof. I was lucky to have landed on top of the work van, because if I had hit the cement I might have died. Since then there have been no more ductwork inspections for me, I became the new company secretary. This HVAC company is small enough that we never had a secretary before, so I was the first ever. Gary and I quickly discovered that with a skilled HVAC tech in the office to handle incoming calls and dispatch the techs everything ran much more smoothly. We started getting more HVAC clients, doing more jobs per day, and still finishing earlier than we used to. My presence in the office gave the HVAC company more stability and efficiency. After I got out of the wheelchair, Gary and the other guys decided I shouldn’t resume my HVAC tech duties, I should stay in the office. I never saw myself as an office worker before, even in an HVAC office, but if the shoe fits, wear it.


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