RVs have a wide range of A/C system quality

I enjoyed driving on the road with our parents growing up, but I consistently hated the hostel rooms both of us stayed in along the way. If both of us were fortunate, the rooms wouldn’t smell like moldy liquor, however more frequently than not they did. And to save currency, we’d get a one bedroom and our siblings and I would sleep in our sleeping bags on the horrid carpet floors. Needless to say, I wouldn’t subject our own children to that these mornings. When I took them on a vacation, I made sure to rent rooms along the way that would genuinely be comfortable for most folks. This meant renting a lot of AirBnBs so both of us would consistently be subject to the worst kind of motel and hotel rooms around. But, now I have the best idea for luxury travel for our family—I wanted to get us an RV that both of us can take on roadtrips. I think that most people would be a lot more comfortable staying in an RV instead of pausing at hotels or vacation rentals. However, I’m reading that RVs vary in price considerably. On top of that, some of them have seriously top quality cooling systems inside while others do not. I want to travel through the southeast a lot so having a fantastic cooling system in the RV is seriously crucial for us. I’m willing to make other compromises on the recreation vehicle if it means getting one with the best quality heating system that one can expect. My wifey is on board as well, and she has to constantly remind me that our guys will complain endlessly if the exterior gets too warm while I was traveling.


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