My wife art studio needed a new heating and cooling system

It must have been total serendipity when I met my wife in an art class in college.

  • I say that because I’m the least artistic person in my family and was only in the course because nothing else was available for that time slot when I had to drop another course that I was failing.

I sat down next to her for no other reason than that being the sole empty seat in the classroom that particular day, and we started talking during downtime at the end of the class. At some point I worked up the courage to ask her out on a date and convinced myself in the process that she would absolutely say no to me regardless of anything I did. To my utter and sheer amazement, she said yes! We visited a nearby art museum and ended the night with a moonlit walk on an ocean fishing pier. While I never took another art class, I was always thankful for that one art class because it brought me to my wife and inevitably became the most formidable catalyst in my path for realizing my current reality. My wife stuck it out with art and even sells her pieces at local art fairs. However, her art studio is dilapidated and her only form of heating and cooling is a window air conditioner and a cheap space heater. While she never outright complains about the comfort level in her art studio, I can tell that she desperately needs a new heating and cooling system. That’s why I decided to surprise her with a ductless mini split inside her art studio for her birthday this year. I’m hoping she enjoys the new indoor comfort levels afforded by the upgraded HVAC system!

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