I’m extremely proud of my wife for receiving a promotion at her HVAC job today

My wife was sad when she eventually had to stop waiting tables at the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

She was making great money as a waiter because she was working at a fine dining restaurant.

Sadly, she was let go with most of the waiting staff when her employers had to shift to carry outs and delivery orders after lockdowns forced them to close their dining room. At first she started to panic and wondered if she’d be able to find a job in a new industry after putting all of her eggs into one basket initially. Not to mention by that point her proficiency as a waiter was high, and her ability to earn high tips was nearly unmatched at the restaurant where she was working before she was laid off completely. Fortunately, there were plenty of industries still desperate for employees during the dog days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Heating and cooling businesses were suddenly tasked with the responsibility of upgrading and improving air systems in both homes and businesses to provide air filtration and purification. That’s when my wife decided to look into the process of becoming an HVAC technician and eventually found a trade school that pays for tuition if you complete their job placement program. Within the end of the year, my wife had her certifications and licensing as a heating and cooling professional. Now that she has been at that heating and cooling supplier for over a year, she received her first promotion today. She’s no longer an apprentice technician and has the freedoms and responsibilities of a standard technician. I’m incredibly proud of my wife for pivoting into the HVAC industry so seamlessly.

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