My office space can be quite tricky at times

I knew it would be hard to maintain a full work schedule while traveling on the road full time, but I really wanted to give it a try.

My wife and I decided to buy an RV and we rented our house to a lovely couple with numerous kids.

I continue to work full time from our locations across the country. In the beginning, it took some time to find the perfect place for my office. We had to remove some of the prefabricated furniture pieces to make room for office furniture. The RV was not set up for a mobile office, but my wife worked hard to make the space very nice and comfortable. The area is directly under the air conditioner vent. During the warmer summer months, I keep the vent all the way open so all of the air flows directly on my office chair. During the winter months, I open the windows on the left and right side of the desk to allow air from outside to enter the room. Since we have been on the road, we have seen some crazy weather conditions. We were in a sand storm with winds that gusted up to 80 mph. We were also in the desert during the middle of June, when the temperatures were 110 degrees outside. No matter how hard we tried to keep the house cool, the air conditioner never worked all day. Most of the time it shut off around 3, when the sun was in the peak position. We won’t make that type of geographical mistake again next year.



furnace/heater repair

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