More money means better workout

I’ve got everything I could ever need.

As I’ve become more successful in my career, my income has steadily increased. Having more money has changed my lifestyle for the better. I’ve gotten rather spoiled. I now drive a much nicer car and live in a bigger, better apartment. I eat at fancier restaurants and sleep in softer sheets. Even my pillows, towels and brand of coffee are higher quality. I’ve been able to pamper myself with expensive skin care products, regular facials and massage therapy. I meet with a nutritionist every other week and follow a customized diet to keep me healthy and at the ideal weight. I also workout with a personal trainer three days per week. We meet in the morning, and she takes me through a series of exercises that are tailored to my specific goals. She incorporates all different types of cardio exercises and specialized training for strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. She pushes me way harder than I could ever go on my own. Because of her encouragement and demands, I get my heart pumping and end up totally drenched with sweat and out of breath. The workouts are especially intense and beneficial. Thanks to the personal trainer, I’ve totally reshaped my body and feel so much better. On the days when I’m on my own, I have a fully equipped home gym. I’ve got a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical and rowing machine at my disposal. I’ve set up my home gym with a weight bench, free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, yoga mats and a jump rope. I’ve got everything I could ever need. I even had a sauna installed. I also wear much better workout clothes now. I’ve traded my walmart shorts and tanks for LuLulemon clothing.

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