Happy with corporate wellness program

I was really excited when my company announced a corporate wellness program.

When I first graduated from college, I was in great physical shape.

I used to run after work or sometimes ride my bike to the office. I enjoyed playing tennis, hiking, swimming and kayaking. For a while, I was on a beer league softball team and played on weekends. However, the responsibilities of the job gradually changed my focus. I wanted a promotion and took on a bigger workload. I gave up on physical activities. Working such long hours, I always felt exhausted. I had no energy to workout and no time to participate in any sports. I also wasn’t as careful about my diet. Because I was constantly in a rush, I was grabbing fast food and often eating in the car. I got where I was drinking lots of coffee and not sleeping well at night. I gained weight and developed all sorts of aches and pains. My neck and back were often extremely painful by the end of the workday. I suffered from tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and frequent headaches. I didn’t realize that my mood had deteriorated as well. It wasn’t until I started working out again that I became aware of how unhappy I was. The corporate wellness program provided a free gym membership. I now have access to a personal trainer and a nutritionist. I get up a little earlier in the morning and have permission to start work a little later, giving me the time to get in a good workout. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle tone and increased stamina. I have way more energy and am definitely more productive at my job. Even better, I now have a positive outlook every day and feel healthy and happy.
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