It was crazy when half our roof came down

One of the reasons why my partner and I purchased this property is because of the skylight in the living room space.

The skylight has an attractive view of the Moon and the trees.

I’ve always liked to kneel on the couch and look up out of the skylight, and even when it’s raining, it can be certainly awesome and neat to watch the rain falling on the window pane. The glass is reinforced with two thick sheets of glass and heavy rubber seals so water never can manage to make its way through… Unluckily, water wasn’t the setback with the skylight last time there was a storm. A tree honestly fell through the skylight and right into the living room space. My partner and I were in the living room environment when it happened. We heard the lightning hit the tree and after that we heard a pretty huge crack. We could absolutely feel the change in atmospheric pressure when the tree came down on the skylight. The glass was all over the place and half of the roof was missing. The tree took out the entire corner of our home along with the cable television, christmas tree, and a bookshelf. I couldn’t get up on the roof and affix a tarp. It was really too wet and I am afraid of heights. It’s a good thing we found an emergency roofing business to set up temporary shelter over the hole. The emergency roofing maintenance business put multiple sizable heavy tarps over the hole and secured the section with straps and plastic sheeting. They advised us to talk with our insurance business regarding the covered losses, but we had to spend a lot of money out of pocket for their services.
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