Small Beach Volleyball Tournament Today in my Town

We have a small volleyball tournament today in my town, but I’m not playing in it because I couldn’t find a female partner.

I didn’t find out about the tourney till the day before so I didn’t really have time to locate a good partner for the mixed tournament.

The local business who is sponsoring the tourney tried to find me someone but couldn’t. This is fine with me because I’ve played tons of tournaments and am kind of bored with them now. I’d rather just play for fun. I also need to work on my HVAC unit later so I don’t have a lot of time to play. But I think I will go watch today as I have almost finished my work for the day and should be done by the time it gets underway. I’ll watch the tournament for a few hours and then I will go to the HVAC business and get a few parts for my HVAC system and work on it a bit. I think there is something wrong with the heat exchanger or the heat pump inside my HVAC system, but I need to take it apart to find out what it is and go from there. I’ve been working on these units for a long time and am pretty good at fixing them, but if it is something beyond my scope, then I’m not afraid to ask for help from one of the HVAC techs at the store in my town. They’re very good at what they do and they can probably do the job in half the time I could.


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