I hated going to school in the spring because of the shoddy A/C system

Unlike our sister, I seriously hated going to school. I was quite glad staying at lake house with our mother in the years leading up to me starting kindergarten. The school buses alone were enough of a reason to never want to get up in the whole day for school, especially when I was teased by older students for how I appeared. My time at school in particular wasn’t any better, but I met a few of my friends instantly. By the time I started receiving homework in fifth grade, I was hating school with a serious passion. This continued until I got into school and then both of us were counting the afternoons until I was finally finished with school for good. One consistent theme throughout all of our years in school were the low quality Heating and Air Conditioning systems inside the buildings that I dealt with each and every day. The uneven temperatures inside the classrooms would get really bad in the warm season heat waves. Since both of us had courses ending in the middle of July, both of us experienced lots of warm warm season weather that took care of the capabilities of the ancient Heating and Air Conditioning systems installed in the schools. I have heard mention that most of our aged schools have replaced the old Heating and Air Conditioning systems in the years since I attended. I’m ecstatic that new students don’t have to suffer nearly to the same extent as both of us did as both of us were young students. School is bad enough, the administration doesn’t need to make it worse by subjecting students to horrifically uncomfortable indoor air. It consistently had a small effect on our attempt at focusing on what our teachers were saying while I was in the class .


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