Having fun making classy wooden furniture

You don’t need money to have class.

Let me provide you the best example, one that still drives me to this very day.

When I grew up, I lived in the hood, and I mean deep in the hood. A food desert with precious resources as well as a very strong police presence. This whole end of town had been written off many years ago, as well as it was slowly dying. In the middle of it there was my Aunt Pat’s tiny little household. Even though it was a tiny household, it seemed luxurious as well as wonderful. She didn’t have high end furniture, although she had such striking pieces you’d never suppose she made them herself. Aunt Pat was a lady of several talents, as well as making handmade furniture was something she enjoyed doing when she sat as well as watched cable television. She would spend weeks on a single wooden chair, because she was never in a rush, as well as not doing it for any reason other than peace of mind. Making wooden furniture soothed her, made her glad, so she would pop on the game shows or soap operas as well as spend numerous hours smoking cigarettes as well as making things. One day she gave me a nice little wooden table to use as a nightstand. I had been resting with her watching her make this wooden nightstand for numerous weeks, never realizing it was for me. Aunt Pat told me that I was an awesome kid, as well as deserved a glamorous set for my bedroom. She would make me one, a piece at a time. I guess she is making me a wooden headboard next!


French provincial manor

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