The printer does it all for us

I have a task in the corporation office at a local boat marina.

My task duties include answering the company PC, taking messages, filing licenses & boating paperwork, cleaning, & regularly creating fliers & notices to post for varying reasons.

Sometimes these fliers are going to be put on the docks to notify boat owners of holiday closures, cleaning dates, & other random pertinent announcements. We also love to make announcements when someone around here is having a birthday or to commemorate a longtime member after 20 years at the local marina. Unfortunately, since it’s a marina there is water everywhere. For a long while I was printing everything on a traditional color printer with usual paper. I kept finding my signs destroyed from water exposure. It was frustrating when I finally would put out announcements in the afternoon only to find them soggy by the next day. My boss said that he’d pay for a digital color printer that does waterproof printing if I possibly could find a few price quotes from the companies that make them. I found a few digital color printers that feature waterproof printing. There was a good deal of back & forth, but before long my boss made the decision & we finally ordered a new waterproof printer from Arrow. It’s taxing to beat their professionalism & overall quality control with their printers for commercial & industrial use. I love having the awesome ability to make permanent signs that won’t get destroyed by the elements. It’s a lot cheaper and my boss is a lot happier with the results.



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