Forced to set up a home gym

I have kept a membership at the same gym for the last eight years.

I spend at least an hour at the gym four or five days per week.

Along with utilizing the wide array of fitness equipment, I sign up for group training classes. I’ve taken spin, yoga, pilates and circuit training. I also like to take advantage of tanning and massage. The gym is not only where I go to keep in shape but to get rid of stress. I have friends at the gym. I see the same people there day in and day out, and we often chat. It’s a social opportunity. When covid-19 forced many local businesses to close down, I lost access to the gym. This was a huge transition for me. I needed to figure out a different way to handle my workouts. Although I really like to ride my bike or go for a run, the weather doesn’t always permit an outdoor activity. I ended up investing into some equipment for a home gym. I was surprised by how expensive workout gear is. Just purchasing a treadmill was hard on my budget. I also bought some free weights, a weight bench, a yoga mat, some resistance bands and a jump rope. With that small amount of equipment, I was able to get a good workout. It got a little repetitive and tedious, but it was the best I could manage. I was really relieved when the gym opened back up again. I still use my home gym on days that are hectic and don’t allow enough time to get to the gym.

Group Physical Training Classes

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