Back to nature still includes residential HVAC

I don’t know if it was just one thing that finally tipped it for me or if it was just sort of the cumulative effect.

But I pulled the plug on living in town about 5 years ago and have no plans on going back.

This was not some part of a master plan. It just sort of happened. I was just starting to get sick of the zone controlled HVAC in the office. Well, I actually liked the zone controlled HVAC but the office, not so much. When that started, I thought perhaps working from the air conditioning at home by solve things. For sure, the working remotely was much, much better that the zone controlled HVAC of the office. I like having my schedule more to myself and my quality of work sky rocketed without all the constant interruptions. Before long, I was getting my work done in fewer hours which allowed me to follow some other passions. And those passions ended up becoming my own business. It was essentially the same work but I was being paid a whole lot more as a sort of consultant. Soon, I had the money to buy a piece of property without any neighbors and almost off the grid. And that’s where I find myself blissfully enjoying my life now. My cabin has quality heating and air provided by a ductless multi split system. There are actually three ductless heat pumps positioned through the cabin. They are not only really powerful but the ductless heat pumps are super efficient as well. If it wasn’t for buying groceries or having a night out with friends, I don’t think I’d leave the heating and cooling comfort of my cabin all that often.


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