The little thing really added up to big HVAC savings

The pandemic forced us to really cut costs around our house.

My wife and I both had to take pay cuts just to stay employed.

And we weren’t working from the zone controlled HVAC of the office either. Both of our offices were shut down and we both had to work from home. The HVAC utility costs were one of the big cuts that we needed to make. Prior to the summer of 2020, we just didn’t do much when it came to saving on HVAC cooling. We talked a big game but we never did it. I can remember saying that since we don’t have nearly any heating costs, we can pay more for air conditioning. That’s just the stupid since there is no reason to waste money or resources. So we got serious about it that summer and by sealing up the house and stopping the direct sunlight heating with drapes, we made a dent. But it was the thermostat setting that really saved us the dollars. And we realized that it really isn’t all that bad to get more acclimated to the heat as long as we can sleep with the HVAC cooling going. So this past summer, we went a step further and added some smaller efforts which ended up paying off for us. We didn’t use either the stove or the over this summer. If there was cooking to do, I did it all on the grill. Why heat up the house we’re paying to have the heat pump cool? Same with the dryer. We ended up hanging all of our laundry instead. We also clipped the long, hot showers. There were other small measures as well that all added up to us saving even more this summer over 2020.



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