We have all of our heating systems turned off right now

This is the craziest winter that I can remember since I was a kid. I remember when winters used to get very chilly, and we would rely on the heat from the furnace for nearly half of the year while my dad worked crazy hours to be able to afford the electricity needed to keep the furnace running. However, since then, the climate has definitely been changing, and the temperatures are so much warmer than they were when I was a kid. Right now, we have had our heating systems turned off for a few days, and we have even considered turning on the heating system because of how warm it is outside. This winter, we have used the heating system a few times. We needed the furnace running for the first few weeks of fall, but then it got too warm, and we had to turn our furnace off. For the next month or two, we switched between using the furnace and using the air conditioner. After that, we were forced to use our furnace for nearly a month as we began to think that the winter weather was finally kicking in, but just a week ago, the temperatures outside began to feel like spring temperatures. Everyone that we know has their furnace turned off, and I know that a lot of my friends have been using an air conditioner. I don’t know if this winter is going to get colder and if we will need our furnace again, but it is still the strangest winter that I can remember having.

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