I bought an air conditioner for my kitchen finally

He told me that it was for the kitchen, and I literally screamed with excitement

I love to cook and bake. It is just my thing. My kids know to look for me in the kitchen because that is where I am most of the time. My mom did not do much cooking for us as children. My dad cooked a little bit, but we mostly ate frozen dinners and such things. I really did not want my kids to grow up eating junk like that, so I taught myself how to cook and bake when I was a teenager. I fell in love with it and started creating my own recipes. I have written over one hundred recipes so far, and I plan on continuing. The only time that I used to have trouble cooking and baking was in the summertime. My kitchen would get so hot that I just could not stand to be in there. I kept telling myself that I was going to buy an air conditioner for the kitchen, but I never did. I think that I complained to my husband enough that he decided to get me one. He got home from work a few nights ago, and he had an air conditioner with him. I was surprised at first, and I asked him what the air conditioner was for. He thought that I was just picking, so he didn’t answer me. I asked again, and he was surprised that I didn’t know. He told me that it was for the kitchen, and I literally screamed with excitement. I have been using the air conditioner for the past couple of days, and wow, it makes cooking and baking during the hot summer months so much easier.

New air conditioning

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