That was an experience

This past Sunday, we all arrived at church for the 8:30 Mass.

  • Dressed in our Sunday best, and masks, we all greeted 1 another and sat at least various feet apart.

I clearly dislike wearing masks; my face breaks out, my nose runs, and I just feel far too uncomfortable and hot! That’s on a good day, but last Sunday was not a great day. Even at 8:15, the temperature control was reading 87, which is typical for this section of the world! As more people filed in, resting in only every other pew, I became increasingly aware that it was miserably warm in that area. I figured the ushers hadn’t arrived early enough to turn on the A/C well nearly enough in advance, and figured I would be feeling the A/C soon enough. It was not to be, then soon, people were fanning themselves with whatever they could find in their handbags; Mens coats began coming off. My lightweight over-top that covered up my too-revealing-for-church tank top had to stay on, although I was not want any of that. I snuck over to the ushers and that’s when I l received that they had come in a whole hour early and set the temperature control to 74 degrees. The priest in her robes looked angry. She would not stop glancing at the temperature control on the wall, and 1 time she pointed at the temperature control. An usher walked ever so nonchalantly up to it and just shrugged her shoulders at the pastor. She adjusted the temperature control down lower, but all the people knew it wasn’t going to do a damn thing. It was painfully obvious that the Heating and A/C was in need of maintenance and there would soon be a special collection.

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