I still love going home to Mom’s house

Every one of us grew up in and honestly great and special place. Everyone guessed that most were undoubtedly aware of much growing up. Our region was undoubtedly great with four distinct Seasons like summer, winter, fall, and spring. One thing I loved a lot was knowing that each season came with a distinct problem. The warm summer sizzling was usually quite ceiling sizzling, but certainly not very oppressive. The winter season was mild as well, even though everyone of us certainly had to use the furnace for a month or more. Now everyone of us tend to freak out when the weather gets cold at all. We’re stuck in this area of the country where our thermostat is always set to the air conditioner. Outdoor air provides us with stifling heat that never lets anyone from its grip. When everyone of us try to cool off without the air conditioner, the outdoor air feels even warmer than anything else. My family and I like to go back home where we can enjoy the type of Seasons that we remember from our childhood. My mom can tend to be emotional as well as dramatic, but we all have a really good time visiting when Christmas is around the corner. I undoubtedly have not much love for the cold Icy weather, but it’s still nice to see a different season then hot, humid, as well as sticky. It seems to be the type of seasonal weather that we experience more than just three months out of the whole year. Around here summer and it’s awful humidity can last for months and months.

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