I love clean indoor air

Having a very tidy and well organized condo is genuinely important to me.

It’s almost as important to me as it is to have great Heating and A/C heating and cooling, as well as high quality indoor air. It’s not necessary that the locale is hospital antiseptic but, I love to look at a scrub environment. It just suits a life well lived in our opinion. I’m not truly an absurd person about cleanliness. I just want the bedroom and the bathrooms in the house to be entirely scrub at all times. I do our best to keep everything tidy. But, I never entirely considered the air that I breathe inside our home until recently. It makes perfect sense to have all these surfaces scrub so, following that logic, why not the air in our home. Recently, I became aware that it is definitely possible to have more allergens inside the condo than there are trapped outside. That was a bit of an off putting thought for me. So, I decided to immediately do something about that. I had a whole house air cleaner put right inside our Heating and A/C air handler. This thing simply kills all airborne contaminants in the air using concentrated UV light. But, I still really wanted to go a bit further. The Heating and A/C set me up with a worker who came out and cleaned our entire air duct system. Not only did the tech thoroughly scrub all the ducts, they also resealed all the joints of the huge Heating and A/C. This will increase the efficiency of the overall operations of the Heating and A/C system. I can’t tell you how much better I breath these days.


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