Signing up with a personal trainer

Before I started regularly working out, I had issues with my health.

I paid no attention to what or how much I was eating.

I fed my body foods with no nutritional value and was overweight. I never gave any thought to exercise. It wasn’t until I started suffering joint pain, back pain, headaches and insomnia that I realized it was time to make some changes. I noticed that just climbing the stairs was tiring. I worried about serious health problems and quality of life as I grew older. I wasn’t quite sure how to begin. I tried following workout videos that I found online but it was too easy to be lazy. I tried buying myself a treadmill but couldn’t get motivated to use it. After doing some research online, I decided that I needed a personal trainer. I hoped that signing up for a scheduled workout would hold me accountable. Having a knowledgeable instructor create a workout program has proven invaluable. The personal trainer designs every workout to my personal requirements and goals. While she has high expectations, I feel really good about my accomplishments. The workouts are challenging. At the end of a session, I’m always breathing hard and drenched with sweat. I typically feel sore the next day. I have seen huge progress. I’ve gained strength, toned my muscles and lost weight. I’ve increased my range of motion, energy and stamina. Regular exercise has inspired me to be more conscientious about my eating habits. I’ve given up coffee, beer, fast food and all the sugary snacks I was using for an energy boost during the workday.

Personal Physical Training

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